Secret Map! Access for Creation!

Secret Map at the moment is open for Creation!
(1 Creation = 6 minutes access to map, move from NPC in Lorencia)
Creation is automated obtain from your inventory! 
When have more Creation in inventory automated obtain and renew time!

Time to access the Secret Map: 1 creation = 6 minutes!
To warp to map must go to Lorencia Map cord 139x140 to NPC Stone Statue.
Map is Enabled on sub PvP, NoN_PVP and VIP, is MAP PVP!
When die or kill you,  automated warp to Lorencia and lost Creation and time!

On Secret Maps drop Dragon Egg, is more monsters (7) on spots, spots is 4 on this map.

Minimum Level to warp to Secret Map: 50 lvl

Currently this is only one server.