New Custom Box


One item is randomly dropped from all boxes


1. Helms Box drop list:
-Excellent Dragon Knight Helm+15+L+FO
-Excellent Venom Mist Helm+15+L+FO
-Excellent Sylphid Ray Helm+15+L+FO
-Excellent Sunlight Mask+15+L+FO
-Excellent Ashcrow Helm+15+L+FO
-Excellent Eclipse Helm+15+L+FO
-Excellent Iris Helm+15+L+FO
-Excellent Glorious Mask+15+L+FO
-Excellent Storm Blitz Helm+15+L+FO



2. Armors Box drop list:
-Excellent Dragon Knight Armor+15+L+FO
-Excellent Venom Mist Armor+15+L+FO
-Excellent Sylphid Ray Armor+15+L+FO
-Excellent Volcano Armor+15+L+FO
-Excellent Sunlight Armor+15+L+FO
-Excellent Ashcrow Armor+15+L+FO
-Excellent Eclipse Armor+15+L+FO
-Excellent Iris Armor+15+L+FO
-Excellent Valiant Armor+15+L+FO
-Excellent Glorious Armor+15+L+FO
-Excellent Storm Blitz Armor+15+L+FO



3. Pants Box drop list:
-Excellent Dragon Knight Pants+15+L+FO
-Excellent Venom Mist Pants+15+L+FO
-Excellent Sylphid Ray Pants+15+L+FO
-Excellent Volcano Pants+15+L+FO
-Excellent Sunlight Pants+15+L+FO
-Excellent Ashcrow Pants+15+L+FO
-Excellent Eclipse Pants+15+L+FO
-Excellent Iris Pants+15+L+FO
-Excellent Valiant Pants+15+L+FO
-Excellent Glorious Pants+15+L+FO
-Excellent Storm Blitz Pants+15+L+FO



4. Gloves Box drop list:
-Excellent Dragon Knight Gloves+15+L+FO
-Excellent Venom Mist Gloves+15+L+FO
-Excellent Sylphid Ray Gloves+15+L+FO
-Excellent Volcano Gloves+15+L+FO
-Excellent Sunlight Gloves+15+L+FO
-Excellent Ashcrow Gloves+15+L+FO
-Excellent Eclipse Gloves+15+L+FO
-Excellent Iris Gloves+15+L+FO
-Excellent Valiant Gloves+15+L+FO
-Excellent Glorious Gloves+15+L+FO
-Excellent Storm Blitz Gloves+15+L+FO



5. Boots Box drop list:
-Excellent Dragon Knight Boots+15+L+FO
-Excellent Venom Mist Boots+15+L+FO
-Excellent Sylphid Ray Boots+15+L+FO
-Excellent Volcano Boots+15+L+FO
-Excellent Sunlight Boots+15+L+FO
-Excellent Ashcrow Boots+15+L+FO
-Excellent Eclipse Boots+15+L+FO
-Excellent Iris Boots+15+L+FO
-Excellent Valiant Boots+15+L+FO
-Excellent Glorious Boots+15+L+FO
-Excellent Storm Blitz Boots+15+L+FO



6. Weapons/Shields Box drop list:
-Excellent Bone Blade+15+Skill+L+FO
-Excellent Explosion Blade+15+Skill+L+FO
-Excellent Daybreak+15+Skill+L+FO
-Excellent Sword Dancer+15+Skill+L+FO
-Excellent Cyclone Sword+15+Skill+L+FO
-Excellent Asura+15+Skill+L+FO
-Excellent Soleil Sceptor+15+Skill+L+FO
-Excellent Shining Scepter+15+Skill+L+FO
-Excellent Thunderbolt+15+Skill+L+FO
-Excellent Sylph Wind Bow+15+Skill+L+FO
-Excellent Albatross Bow+15+Skill+L+FO
-Excellent Angelic Bow+15+Skill+L+FO
-Excellent Grand Viper Staff+15+L+FO
-Excellent Platina Staff+15+L+FO
-Excellent Storm Blitz Stick+15+L+FO
-Excellent Summon Spirit Stick+15+L+FO
-Excellent Inberial Staff+15+L+FO
-Excellent Serpent Shield+15+Skill+L+FO
-Excellent Dragon Shield+15+Skill+L+FO
-Excellent Grand Soul Shield+15+L+FO
-Excellent Elemental Shield+15+L+FO
-Excellent Crismon Glory Shield+15+Skill+L+FO
-Excellent Light Lord Shield+15+L+FO
-Excellent Dark Devil Shield+15+Skill+L+FO
-Excellent Magic Knight Shield+15+Skill+L+FO
-Excellent Ambition Shield+15+Skill+L+FO



7. PREMIUM WOG BOX drop list:
Excellent Wing of Storm+15+L+FO
-Excellent Wing of Eternal+15+L+FO
-Excellent Wing of Illusion+15+L+FO
-Excellent Wing of Ruin+15+L+FO
-Excellent Cape of Emperor+15+L+FO
-Excellent Wing of Dimension+15+L+FO
-Excellent Wings of Spirits+15+L+FO
-Excellent Wings of Soul+15+L+FO
-Excellent Wings of Dragon+15+L+FO
-Excellent Wings of Darkness+15+L+FO
-Excellent Cape of Lord+15+L+FO
-Excellent Wind of Despair+15+L+FO
-Red Fenrir
-Rare Item Ticket 5
-Harmony Bundle+2 (30)
-Jewel of Full
-Jewel of Bless Bundle+2 (30)
-Jewel of Soul Bundle+2 (30)         

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