GR Bonus Reward


1 GR = PET PANDA (3 Days)
10 GR =  1x Weapons + 1x Shield + FULL (Sumoner 1x Weapons+ 1x Book)

Weapons: (Cyclone Sword, Asura, Thunderbolt, Angelic Bow,
Summon Spirit Stick, Inberial Staff, Book of Lagle)
Shield:  (Crismon Glory, Light Lord, Dark Devil, Magic Knight, Ambition)

15 GR = Wings 3 lvl +15+Full
20 GR = SET+15+28+Full

Set: (Lilium, Brave, Phantom, Divine, Hades, Ambition)


If you have requiments GR go to Lorencia NPC and obtain your reward!

Remember if you go to exchange class Blade Master you obtain
wing/set to Blade Master. If you go class Soul Master you obtain wing/set
to Soul Master! Etc.
You obtain wing/set who class go to exchange!
We not exchange if you go wrong character!


If you have requiments GR go to Lorencia (139x137).

You find on this cord a few NPC:
- 1 GR Bonus Reward
- 5 GR Bonus Reward
- 10 GR Bonus Reward
- 15 GR Bonus Reward
- 20 GR Bonus Reward


Currently this is only one server.